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Gotheborg wrongly identifies this level as Hau Zhi, that is incorrect if it were Chinese, not Japanese because that reading would just be correct. The explanation for that's as a result of fact that Sanfrancisco based several Daiichi boutique kawaii Toki wares were sold by importer Takahashi Imports, alongside numerous other designers branded stickers to the base. The guys produced a sizable stock-pot using them, and obtained a gas burner there in the coastline and washed and cooked all 25 of the crabs inside the motel parking lot that night. LOL!!

Gotheborg wrongly recognizes this draw as Hau Zhi, which is improper since that reading could only be accurate if it were Oriental, not Japanese. For that's because of the undeniable fact that San Francisco based Takahashi Imports bought several Dai Ichi Toki products, along side numerous other producers with Takahashi the reason branded stickers on the base. The people delivered a large stock-pot using them, and obtained a propane burner there at the shore and washed and prepared all 25 of the crabs while in the motel parking lot that night. LOL!!