Off The Cuff ~Sewing Style~

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Send custom baby announcements to relatives and buddies who are too far away to tell in person. Top with fitted - but not tight - tops that fall mid- hip and layer with sweaters, vests and jackets. Avoid tucking tops in. If you must, counter the look with a straightforward narrow belt. A. The custom of including an item that's blue on ones wedding day, symbolizes that the bride will then receive the exact same from her husband, and intends to be loyal and steadfast.

So for the menswear tops when I Have chosen to use a Stretch-Woven, I choose to use french seams. I still need to complete more custom-drafted tops for customers before I will indulge in any personal stitching...and the first private sewing I'll be doing before I evaluate another top design, will be making a number of ensembles for my Grand-Nieces. I considered pinning it on my wall as a reminder to never again buy cheap shirting material from that extremely huge on-line fabric matter how nice it seems. Many Custom Shirtmakers us this astonishingly easy Collar Point technique all around the world.